Do you have a reader with an LED that remains red when presented with a credential? If the reader fails to respond to both mobile and physical credential, and you're not seeing any corresponding events logged in your system activity log, then the reader might be displaying brown out symptoms.

Readers can become unresponsive or work intermittently if they're not being supplied with enough power. Depending upon how your power supply has been architected, if all of your system hardware is drawing power from the same power supply, then it could create a power shortage during times when numerous users are swiping their credentials at the doors. 

Per HID's recommendation, each reader should receive at least 11V and .275A of power. The best way to ensure the readers are receiving proper power is to wire each v100 door interface individually and directly into the PTC ports on the power supply. HID also recommends installation of common off-the-shelf low-voltage cutout equipment to protect devices, including readers, on the power source circuit.

How can I fix a reader brown out?

If you suspect that your reader is displaying brown out symptoms, you can carry out a physical power cycle on the affected V100. For more information of power cycles, please reach out to for symptom assessment and instructions.

Another option is enabling your system to utilize its AUX Relays. Once enabled, you will be able to remotely reboot your system readers remotely via your Sequr admin dashboard. To enable your system for this functionality, your reader power connections will need to be rewired through the AUX relay. This is a relatively quick process, but requires a licensed technician. Please contact Sequr Support to schedule a technician visit if necessary. 

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