Your Sequr system’s V1000 or V2000 controller can occasionally go offline for a variety of reasons. A controller may go offline due to:

  • A temporary dip in network strength.
  • Changes made to network settings or firewalls.
  • A faulty network router.
  • A faulty ethernet cord.
  • A faulty system controller.

99% of the time, a temporary dip in network strength is to blame for a controller's offline status.

When a controller goes offline, you will see a blinking red dot next to the ‘Hardware’ tab in your Sequr admin dashboard. If you’ve enabled Sequr notifications, you might also receive a notification from regarding the offline controller status.

When a controller is offline, it means that your system controller is no longer connected to the internet, and it is not able to communicate with your dashboard via the cloud. This means that when a controller goes offline, changes made to your system access groups / door groups / schedules will not go into effect until connectivity is restored, newly issued keys will not work until connectivity is restored, you will be unable to remotely unlock your doors, and your activity log will not update in real time. During controller downtime, your Sequr system will still operate as configured, and your existing users should not experience any problems accessing your property. Once connection is restored, your ability to perform remote unlocks will also resume, and your activity log will update. 

Typically a controller will only go offline for 5 - 30 minutes at a time and connection will restore on it's own naturally. If the outage lasts for an extended period of time, you may want to manually restart your controller. 


To manually restart your controller (V1000 or V2000), you will need a pen, paperclip or tiny screwdriver. In the center of the controller is a tiny button that says ‘Reset.’ Press that button once and your controller should come back online within 10 minutes.

Once you reset your controller, check to see if connection has been restored. If has not been restored, we recommend restarting your system router, then performing another manual reset on the controller. If restarting your router does not restore connection, please contact the Sequr Support at for further assistance.

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