All key cards and fobs are created with three important pieces of data: the format, a serial number, and a facility code. When a user swipes their credential at a reader, the data is relayed to the system controller, which then decodes it and determines if the user should have access.

The card format describes whether the card can be recognized by a system, while the serial number identifies the specific owner of the card. 26-bit standard format is the industry standard, and serial numbers for 26-bit cards can only range from one to 65,535. So what happens if two companies use 26-bit standard cards with identical ID numbers? In theory, they could access each other’s properties. This is where the facility code comes into play.

The facility code is an added layer of security built within an access control system. Facility codes for 26-bit cards can range from one to 255, and they are assigned to prevent users with identical card numbers from accessing areas that should be restricted to them. While facility codes do provide extra security, the chances of a user with an identical keycard breaching security at an office where he should not be is still incredibly low.

Every access control system operated by Sequr that utilizes 26-bit cards is programmed with a specific facility code. If the user wants to use existing keycards, we can program their system with the appropriate facility code to support their tech. But what if your keycards and fobs have multiple different facility codes? No problem! With Sequr, you have the option to suppress your facility code. When your facility code is suppressed, your system will work with keycards and fobs that have any facility code. This is a special feature utilized by many Sequr customers. 

How to Suppress Your System's Facility Code

If you'd like to suppress your system's facility code to support keycards or fobs with multiple facility codes, follow these steps:

1) Click on the 'Settings' tab in your Sequr portal.

2) You will be directed to a page with your property settings. You will see an option that says 'Suppress Facility Code for 26-bit Cards.' Click on the button next to this option.

3) When the button turns green, it means that your property's facility code has been suppressed and it will now support all 26-bit credentials, regardless of the facility code. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your facility codes are suppressed, when a user with a keycard that has a different facility code first swipes their credential at a reader, their card will initially be rejected. Your system controller will take note of the card's facility code and load it into the system. The second time the user swipes their card, it should work if they have the appropriate access rights.

Important Note: Facility code suppression will only work with 26-bit standard format keycards and fobs. It will not support other physical credential technologies. If your company uses credentials with a format other than 26-bit, please contact our support team at to discuss how your system can be tailored to utilize your existing card technology.

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