While adding new keycard we usually choose its associated card format ( 26-bits format, 37-bits format etc..). This is the recommended way to add keycards.

You may have proprietary card format from your old system and you may still want to have backward compatibility to support those old cards. Sequr team will provide full support to get the details about your old keycard format and enable it for you.

But in some cases it may take time or it may not be possible to get the old crd format. No worries, you can still add any unknown format keycard. To add such keycard please follow below steps :

  1. Scan your keycard at any door.
  2. Go to your Sequr dashboard and look for its associated log -  " Deny Access - Card/PIN Not Found"    

3. As highlighted in above screenshot you will notice there two action buttons for this log entry. "Add card" and "More Info". 

4. Click "Add card" to add this card as "no format" card. Please assign appropriate user and enter the unique card number as printed on your card and Save. 

5.  Please scan the card again to test it and you should get the successful access grant to the door. 

Note : In case of 26-bits and 37-bits, it will auto populate the card number for you. 

If you need any assistance or have any questions about this feature or card formats, please feel free to reach out to the Sequr team at any time at support@sequr.io

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