With Sequr you can easily compile a report comprised of your system's activity log data at any time. Using filters, you can also customize your reports to ensure they only include the data you specifically need. To export your activity log data, follow the steps below.

1) Navigate to the 'Activity' page in your Sequr dashboard. 

2) Apply all necessary filters to the data. The filters you apply will be reflected within the report you create. 

3) Press the 'Export' button. 

4) Select your activity log report date range. While your system activity is logged and stored indefinitely, activity log reports can only be created for 90 day time spans. If you need a report that includes data for more than 90 days, you will need to create multiple reports and combine the CSV data.

5) Press 'Export' to compile the report. The activity log report will be automatically generated and downloaded onto you computer as a CSV file. 

If you have any questions regarding activity log reports, reach out to Sequr Support at any time at support@sequr.io.

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