If at any point you ever need to alter a user's access at your property, you can do so by editing the user's access group(s). 

An access group combines a schedule and a door group. Your users will have access to certain doors at certain times based upon the access groups to which they are assigned. Users can be assigned to a single access group, or multiple access groups.

If the user is new to your property, you will want to assign the user to the appropriate access group or groups when creating the user account. 

If the user is already established within your Sequr system and needs to have their access privileges altered, follow the steps below to edit their access group or groups.

1) Navigate to the user's profile in your Sequr admin dashboard. You can do this by searching for the user's name in the general search bar at the top of your dashboard, or by searching for the user under the 'All Users' tab in your dashboard.

2) Once in the user's account, click 'Edit' under the 'Actions' column in the user's 'Locations.'

3) To edit the user's access group or groups, click on the 'Access groups' bar. 

If you will be adding a new access group to the user's account, either type in the access group to which your user will be assigned, or select the additional access group from the drop down menu. Do this for each access group to which your user will be assigned.

If you need to revoke a user's access privilege, click the 'X' on the appropriate access group. When revoked, the access group will disappear from the access group bar.

4) Press the 'Save' button to save the changes.

If you've assigned the user to multiple access groups, you can click on the user's Access Group to see all groups to which they are assigned.

If you have any questions about assigning your users to multiple access groups, please send inquiries to support@sequr.io.

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