Take your property security to the next level by integrating your Sequr Access Control system with your Cisco Meraki camera system.

Why Integrate with your Security Cameras?

A CCTV system, such as Cisco Meraki, allows you to capture video, and if something terrible should happen, review video to catch the culprit. Security cameras also serve as a great deterrent to any vandals or thieves. More advanced security teams also know that your company’s CCTV system enables you to verify access control logs for auditing and investigations. While having your access logs in Sequr allows you to establish a basis for identity, having video to verify is a great way to ensure the validity of your access logs.

Why Cisco Meraki?

At this time, Sequr only has a direct API integration with Cisco Meraki. Many of Sequr’s largest customers use Cisco Meraki cameras to monitor and secure their facilities. In order to give our customers the ability to link their access control logs with the power of the Meraki platform, we decided to integrate these two best-of-breed cloud-based products. 

Setting Up Your Sequr + Meraki Camera Integration

1) Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab in your Sequr admin dashboard. 

2) Find the 'Cameras' integrations, and click 'Install' under the Cisco Meraki integration.

3) Input your API key. You'll find your API key in your Meraki Dashboard. While in Meraki, navigate to your 'Profile' --> 'API Keys' --> 'Generate New API Key.' Copy your API Key and input it into the 'API Key' box in your Sequr dashboard.

4. Map your cameras to your doors. In order to get instant access to the right video feed at the right time, Sequr needs to know which cameras are monitoring which doors.

From the drop down menus, pair your doors with the correct Meraki camera.

5. Press 'Save' to save each camera mapping configuration.

Congratulations! You're now ready to start monitoring your access logs with Meraki cameras!

Now that your systems are linked, you’ll have the ability to view any access event or notification. In your Sequr activity log you’ll see a new column titled 'Camera.' When you click the link in this column, it will take you to the Meraki video feed for the camera associated with that door. You will be able to view five seconds before the event in question occurred.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Sequr administrator must have access to your Meraki dashboard in order to review surveillance footage.

The Sequr + Meraki Camera integration is currently in Beta, but big updates are on the horizon. 

If you have any questions about this integration, or have any feature requests, please reach out to support@sequr.io. 

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