In order to configure a door reader to read and accept Sequr mobile credentials, you will need the following.

  • An iOS or Android Mobile Device
  • An iCLASS SE / MultiCLASS SE HID Reader
  • HID Reader Manager App (available for free on iOS and Android devices)
  • Sequr MOB Key Invitation (only available via request from a Sequr associate)


  1. Download the HID Reader Manager app. Create an account, and log into the app.
  2. Once your account has been created, please reach out to Sequr Support at to request an invitation to use the Sequr MOB key. Once invited, you will be assigned an invitation code. 


  1. While in the HID Reader Manager app, click on the ‘Settings’ tab. 
  2. Under ‘Administration Keys,’ click ‘Enter Invitation Code.’ Enter your invitation code and press ‘Register Device.’ 
  3. Once registered, click on ’Show Authorized Keys’ to ensure that the MOB key has been saved to your app. You may need to pull down on the page to refresh it in order for the MOB Key to appear. Once successfully activated, you should have the ‘MOB0771 - Sequr Commerical’ key available to you.

Next you will need to create a configuration template that you will then apply to your readers.


  1. Click on the ‘Templates’ tab at the bottom on your HID Reader Manager app. 
  2. Click the ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select ‘iCLASS SE / multiCLASS SE’ from the list of readers, then click ‘OK.’
  4. On the ‘Build Template’ page, click ‘Credentials and Keys.’
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add Mobile Keys.’ Select ‘MOB0771 - Sequr Commerical.’
  6. After selecting ‘MOB0771 - Sequr Commerical,’ click 'Add to the template.'
  7. Next click into ‘Bluetooth Modes, Ranges & Power.
  8. On this screen you may set your reader configuration preferences. Tap should be enabled by default with a range of -40 db. You may also choose to enable Twist & Go by clicking the button next to ‘Allow Twist and Go’. When this button is green, it means that it is enabled. By default, this will be set with a range of -74 db (roughly 6 feet). Adjust the range accordingly to suit the needs of your space. 
  9. Once you’ve altered your configuration preferences accordingly, press ‘Add to the Template.’
  10. Next click ‘Save Template.’ 
  11. Name your template. We recommend naming it based upon the configuration settings you’re looking to achieve, i.e. ‘Sequr Reader - Tap & T&G,’ or ‘Sequr Reader - Tap Only.’
  12. Select a category. The first time you use the HID Reader Manager app, you may have to make your own category by clicking ‘Add Category.’ We recommend naming the category ‘Sequr.’ 

Now that you’ve created your template, you’re ready to apply it to your reader!


  1. Click on the ‘Home’ tab at the bottom on your HID Reader Manager app. 
  2. Click ‘Scan for iCLASS SE Readers.’ 
  3. A list of all nearby door readers should appear within your app. We recommend standing directly next to whatever reader you’re configuring as the reader with the lowest db will be the reader that is closest to you. For example, a reader listed with -40 db will be closer to you than a reader with -100 db.
  4. Click on the reader in your list of nearby readers. To ensure you’re configuring the correct reader, click ‘Locate’ on the page that appears. This will make the lights on the reader LED flash, and the reader may beep to indicate that you’re working on the correct reader.
  5. Once you’re sure you’re configuring the correct reader, click ‘Inspect.
  6. You will be navigated to a page titled ‘Inspection Report.’ On this page click ‘Apply Template.’
  7. Next, select the template you’ve created from the list of available templates.
  8. A ‘Select Operation’ box will appear on your screen. Click ‘Apply’ to save the template to your reader. 
  9. Once successfully saved, your app should provide you will feedback confirming the change.

After you’ve applied the configuration change to your reader, you may be prompted to perform a power cycle on your reader. If this occurs, please reach out to Sequr Support by contact your Sequr Customer Success Manager directly, or by reaching out to

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