Microsoft Teams is a nifty team communication app that was designed to make your life simpler. Integrating Microsoft Teams with your Sequr system can be beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • Audit Log Notifications - Sequr can notify you via MS Teams when changes are made to your Sequr access system, including when users are created or deactivated, keys are issued or revoked, or changes are made to schedules or door groups, etc.
  • Access Control Notifications - Sequr can notify you via MS Teams when important events occur on your property such as Card Access Denied, Controller Offline issues, AC Power Failure, Battery Backup Failure, Held Open Alarms, Door Forced Alarms, etc.
  • Visitor Log Notifications - Sequr can notify you via MS Teams when visitors check in at your property.

How to Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Follow the steps below to set up your integration.

1) Click on the 'Integrations' tab in your Sequr admin dashboard. Find the Microsoft Teams integration and click 'Install.'

2) Copy the installation token that appears on your screen.

3) Within your Microsoft Teams instance, find and install the Sequr app. To install, you will need to select a team channel to which you would like your Sequr notifications to be sent.

4) Refresh the page to review the configuration settings.

5) Select the Microsoft Teams channels to which you would like your system notifications to be sent. We recommend creating separate private channels (i.e. #access-control, #audit-logs, #visitor-logs) for better readability and log type segregation. Which ever channels you select, these will be the channels in which you will receive your notifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bot will only be able to direct message users who are present in the channel(s) to which the integration is directed.

6) Select your notification filters. When you click on a filter, a blue check mark will appear in the filter box. This means you have enabled the filter and will be notified when the given event occurs on your access control system. When a filter is selected, it is automatically saved and will go into effect immediately.

Sample MS Teams notifications

Access Control Notifications

Audit Log Notifications

If you have any questions about the Microsoft Teams integration, please reach out to Sequr Support at, or via Live Chat in your Sequr admin dashboard or mobile app.

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