Admins can issue quick grants and unlock doors from both their Sequr web dashboard or their mobile devices! To learn how to remotely unlock doors via your Sequr web account, click here. To issue them using your mobile device, follow these steps:

1)  If you are a Sequr admin, you will have a tab at the bottom of your Sequr app that says 'Admin.' If you have been using the Sequr app prior to being designated an admin, you will need to logout of the app and log back in to gain access to your 'Admin' tab.  

3. Click on the 'Admin' tab. It will pull up a list of all Sequr-enabled doors and gates on your property. It will looks something like this:

4. TO ISSUE A QUICK GRANT, tap the button for the door you’d like to unlock one time. It will mimic a credential swipe and the door will unlock just long enough to allow someone onto your property.

5. TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME, hold the door button down until the button turns blue and says 'Unlocked.' The door will remain unlocked until you hold the door button down again. To lock the door, press and hold the button down until it turns gray and says 'Locked.'

IMPORTANT: If you do perform a remote lock / unlock, the door will remain unlocked until the administrator re-locks the door. One will want to be careful not to forget about the unlocked door.

This feature is only available for Sequr administrators. Anyone who is not a system admin will not have access to this feature.

If you have any questions about using this feature, please message the Sequr support team at

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