1) To revoke a credential, search for the credential owner or the specific credential number in the general search bar at the top of your Sequr admin web portal.

2) Find the specific credential you would like to revoke, and click their ‘Card number / PIN.’ This will pull up the credential information. 

3) To deactivate the credential, click the red “Delete” button. 

The credential will be deleted from your system and the key will no longer work at any of your office or community doors or gates. If you've revoked a mobile credential, the key will be permanently deleted and cannot be re-added to your system. If you've revoked a physical credential, such as a key card or fob, you can re-add the key to your system at any time and it can be re-used.

NOTE: You can also revoke a credential by navigating to it's owner's profile. Once in the user's profile, click the 'Card number' to view the credential information. Press the ‘Delete’ button to revoke the key.

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