There are three ways you can use your mobile key to unlock gates and doors. They are:

  1. Tap to Unlock - A user can tap their smartphone to the reader to unlock the door or gate.
  2. Twist & Go - A user can twist or lightly shake their device toward the reader from a short distance away. 
  3. Floating Unlock Button - A user can press the blue Unlock button located in the keychain of their Sequr app. 

Be sure to enable your app's Bluetooth Low Energy and Location. You will also want to make sure that the Sequr app is running in the background on your phone in order for your key to work.

TIP: When using your key for the first time or following a phone restart, we recommend opening the Sequr app and using the Floating Unlock Button to unlock your office or community doors or gates. This method tends to be most reliable for a first time user, as well as after a phone restart.

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