What is a schedule?

A schedule is a time period during which a door or gate can be accessed. You will create schedules so that your users can have access to the specific areas they need, during the specific times you set. For example, you might set a 9am-5pm schedule on a lobby door so your employees can access your building for their shift. Before 9am and after 5pm, their credentials will not work and they will not have access to your property.

How to Create a Schedule

1) To create a schedule, click on the ‘Access Control’ tab in your Sequr admin web portal and navigate to the 'Schedules' section. Click the '+ New' button. 

2) Name the schedule, add a description, and then edit the days and times you would like your doors or gates to be accessible. If you would like to place any Holiday Exceptions on the schedule, select them accordingly. Press the ‘Save’ button and your schedule will be created.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Sequr access control, please send inquiries to support@sequr.io.

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