1) To delete a schedule, click on the ‘Access Control’ tab in your Sequr admin dashboard. Navigate to your system 'Schedules,' and click 'Edit' next to the schedule that you would like to delete.

IMPORTANT: If your schedule is attached to an access group that has been assigned to users within your system, you will be unable to delete the schedule. You must first detach the schedule from all active access groups before you may delete the schedule from your system.

2) Press the red ‘Delete’ button. 

A box will pop up that asks “Are you sure?” 

3) If you are sure you want to delete the schedule, click the red “Yes, delete it!” button. The schedule will be permanently deleted. It cannot be recovered.

If you have any questions about deleting a schedule from your system, please reach out to Sequr Support at support@sequr.io.

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