Will some of your employees or residents be using physical credentials to access your office or community? If so, you will have to add the user's credential number to your Sequr system in order for their key to work. With hundreds of types of key cards and key fobs on the market, sometimes deciphering the user's credential number can be a bit confusing. Fortunately we're here to help!

While Sequr offers support for nearly every type of physical credential on the market, most of our client's use 37-bit or 26-bit key cards or fobs. 26-bit credentials are the industry standard and the most common type of physical credential, however we advocate the use of iClass SEOS 37-bit No Facility Code keycards because they tend to be more secure than 26-bit cards. 

Identifying a 37-bit Card Serial Number

All key cards and fobs are created with three important pieces of data: the format, a serial number, and a facility code. The card format describes whether the card can be recognized by a system, the facility code is an added layer of security, and the serial number identifies the specific owner of the card. When adding a key to your system, you will need to input the card's serial number

If your office or community utilizes 37-bit HID iClass SEOS 37-bit No Facility Code keycards, the serial number will be located here:

Identifying a 26-bit Card Serial Number

26-bit card technology is the industry standard because it is supported by every access control system on the market. Serial numbers for 26-bit cards can range from one to 65,535. If your office or community utilizes 26-bit keycards, the serial number will most often be located here:

Use a Different Type of Card Technology?

While we recommend the use of iClass SEOS 37-bit No Facility Code keycards, we know there are dozens of other card technologies on the market. If your office or community utilizes a different type of physical credential, no worries! We can easily tailor your Sequr access control system to utilize your existing card technology. If you need assistance determining a serial number, send a picture of the key card or fob to support@sequr.io and our Support Team can help identify the data for you.

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