Sequr offers various tiered admin roles that give you greater control and customization over what functions a user can perform. 

What are the tiered admins roles?

Tiered admins are just like regular admins except they have access to fewer functionalities throughout your Sequr account.

Why do I need tiered admins?

Regular admins can do everything within their Sequr account as they have full access. Unlike admins, tiered admin roles are useful when you'd like to give someone limited administrative permissions throughout your Sequr account. 

For example, if your building needs a front desk attendant, you might only want to provide her or him the ability to grant remote door unlock access and to be able to monitor visitor activity.

What tiered admin roles does Sequr provide?

There are currently three tiered admin roles, however soon you'll be able to create your own custom admin roles.

For now, these are the three roles (in addition to admin) and their permissions:

*It's important to note that Security and Front Desk roles will only have access to doors in their assigned Access Group.

How do I assign tiered admin role to a user ?

Once you've logged into your Sequr account, click on the Settings link from the sidebar, then navigate to the Admin Users tab within Settings. 

Next, click on Add Admin User.

Once the Add Admin form appears, you have two options for adding an admin.

Add New

Add new allows you to add a completely new user to your account as an admin or restricted admin role.

You need to complete all required fields here including name, email address, access group, and admin role.

Add Existing

Add existing allows you to change the role of a existing non-admin user to an admin or restricted admin role.

Once you've completed the form and reviewed your input, you're ready to click Add Admin to add the user as Admin.

You're all set! 

You should now see the newly added admin in the alphabetically sorted list of Admin Users.

If you need assistance adding an admin or restricted admin for your organization, or if you'd like to share feedback, you can always reach the Sequr Support Team via live chat in your Sequr web app. You can also contact us via email at

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