What are Access Groups?

An access group combines a schedule and a door group. You will create access groups so you can link certain schedules with the certain doors for specific users. For example, if your employees need to access the lobby door from 9am-5pm, you will create an 'Employees' Access Group that combines both the lobby door and the 9am-5pm schedule. 

If you are creating a new Access Group that requires a new schedule and door group, you will have to create the schedule and door group first.

To learn how to create a new schedule, click here.
To learn how to create a new door group, click here.

How to Create an Access Group

To create an access group, click on the ‘Access Control’ tab on the left side of your dashboard. 

Click on the blue ‘Add Access Group’ button. 

Name the access group, add a description, and click on the Door Group and Schedule that you would like to combine. Press the green ‘+’ button to create the access group.

Click the blue “Add Access Right’ button to save your Access Group.

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