Once you've logged in to your Sequr account, click on the Settings link from the sidebar, then navigate to the Admin Users tab within Settings. 

Next, locate the user whose role you'd like to modify and click on Change within the row.

Select the new role you'd like to assign the user.

Once you've selected the new role, click Save to apply your changes.

Demoting An Admin to A User

When changing a user from admin or tiered admin to a regular user role, you may need to specify the property their account is associated with – if your account consists of multiple properties.

Once you've selected the correct unit or tenant property, click Save to apply your changes. 

Note that if you'd like to remove the admin from your account entirely, you can deactivate their account within the Users section of the Sequr web app.

You're all set!

Once you've clicked Save, your changes will be applied and you should see the updated admin list.

If you need assistance changing an admin for your organization, or if you'd like to share feedback, you can always reach the Sequr Support Team via live chat in your Sequr web app. You can also contact us via email at

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