Your controller connection can occasionally go offline for a variety of network reasons. When this happens, you will not be able to make changes to your system, such as schedule or access group changes, newly issued mobile keys or deactivated mobile keys will not work or cease to work, you will be unable to perform remote opens or closes, and your activity log will not update in real time. Fortunately, all of your office or community doors and keys will still function as normal when there is no active network connection, and once connection is restored, your activity log will be updated fully. Typically a controller will only go offline for 2-10 minutes at a time and connection will restore on it's own. If the outage lasts more than 30 minutes though, you may want to restart your controller. 


To restart your controller, you will need a paper clip or tiny screwdriver. In the center of the controller is a tiny button that says ‘Reset.’ Press that button once with your screwdriver or paper clip and your controller will be restarted. 

Once you reset your controller, check to see if connection has been restored. If not, you will want to try restarting your router. If restarting your router does not restore connection, please contact the Sequr Customer Success team at for help.


Whenever your controller internet connection goes down or get restored you will be notified of these events via email or slack. You can update your notification settings here

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